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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Benefits of having a Blog

Hello, AsSlam o Alakum

All Users,

blogs provide you and excellent opportunity to express your thoughts, your words and your feeling what you anticipate about your surroundings.

If are not a professional journalist, nor having enough money to get your own content publish; you can use the blogs. In simple words its a best platform that you can use to express your thought with out and expense.


What you need is

Having an email address and your writings.


Use of blogs is not very difficult although it could be really a daunting task for new user of net! but the person having some know how can use it with no difficulty. All the templates are prepared for one click use. Self explanatory options allow to achieve what you want. There no need of any programming or special skills needed to run a blog.

Other Uses!

As blogger.com provides you the facility to monetize your blogs (i.e. you can make money from you blogs by putting google adsense and amazon ads. Which will pay you for the persons who got refereed after clicking the advertisements present at your blog.


Hope fully my writing would be useful for the new comers who want to have a blog but don't know about the basic of it!

If you want to know anything more technically or any other thing which would be helpful in having your own blog you can contact me at


Rana Farooq
Site Admin

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